Road Cargo Crime

Cargo theft can be defined as a theft of shipment committed at any point between the point of origin of the goods and their final destination, regardless of the method of transport used, whether it is road, rail, maritime, or air transport. Instances of cargo theft have been detected on highways, road freight stops, storage facilities, warehouses, terminals, and wharfs. Cargo theft is not simply a criminal problem, but an economic one as well. Many billions of Euros are lost each year due to stolen shipments. Cargo theft continues to be a low risk / high reward crime with links to other serious organised criminal activity. In recent years, cargo theft incidents have become increasingly violent and endanger the safety of the driver.

In this context, CORTE, at the initiative of the EU Commission (DG MOVE, Land Transport Security), has established a working group on Road Cargo Theft, which has helped in the improvement of cargo theft incident reporting by establishing clear definitions and elaborating modus operandi constituting Cargo theft.


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