Liaison with EU and UN

CORTE promotes and strengthens dialogue and cooperation between its members and international organisations, including UN and the EU. CORTE participates in activities of the working bodies of the UN, working towards the implementation of the smart tachograph in the non-EU/AETR contracting parties. CORTE takes part in expert groups set by the European Commission and works closely with DG MOVE on some crucial issues such as driving and resting times, and smart digital tachograph, by providing assessments of the main enforcement questions linked to EU regulations, as well as proposed solutions to the main issues. By working with its members in identifying the main technical and enforceability issues, CORTE provides the European Commission with technical expertise in relation to the preparation of legislative proposals and policy initiatives in the field of road transport as well as in their implementation, while promoting interests of CORTE membership.

Below is a list of different expert groups and committees of European Commission and United Nations, to which CORTE has been invited to participate:

  • European Commission Expert Group on Posting of Drivers (E03761)
  • European Commission Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (E03280)
  • European Commission Expert Group on Land Transport Security (E02821)
  • European Commission Expert Group on Roadworthiness and Vehicle Registration Documents (E03725)
  • European Commission Group of Experts on On-board Weighing Equipment (E03520)
  • European Commission Group of Experts on the Smart Tachograph (E03663)
  • European Commission Tachograph Forum (E03379)
  • European Commission Working Group on Motor Vehicles (E01295)
  • European Commission DG MOVE Enforcement Working Group
  • Committee on Road Transport
  • Technical Adaptation Committee on Roadworthiness Testing (Roadworthiness Committee)
  • United Nations Working Party on Road Transport (SC.1)
  • Unitedn Nations Group of Experts on AETR
  • United Nations WP29 Informal Working Group on Periodic Technical Inspections



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