Big Data

Digitalization, production of huge quantities of data in real-time, and advances in computing that can easily analyse such data, has given rise to big data technologies. Big data holds an immense potential and can help build efficient, safe, sustainable, and competitive transportation systems, by improving customer experience, enhancing services to increase revenue, maximising the availability of assets and infrastructure, and improving operational efficiency. However, issues linked to privacy, data security and legal inconsistencies are only few of the many challenges that need to be overcome, to foster the use of big data technologies in the transport domain.

CORTE recognises the importance of these issues and has implemented the project Leveraging Big Data to Manage Transport Operations (LeMO), in collaboration with several EU partners. Within the framework of this project CORTE has produced a policy and research roadmap outlining a set of actions that governments, businesses and industries in Europe should implement in order to effectively take advantage of big data solutions with the aim of providing added value for society in the transport sector.


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Big Data
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