Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure refers to the vital nature of certain types of infrastructure in providing key services to societies. Transportation and communication systems, water and power lines, as well as public institutions are categorized as “critical” because of their crucial role in the smooth functioning of a society. Transport infrastructure in turn consists of land, sea and air transport networks, which allow movement of people and circulation of goods. The criticality of transport infrastructure is further illustrated by the interdependencies it creates and the cascading effect that can be produced in the event a threat to transport sector materializes.

CORTE, together with technical experts from academia and industry, works directly to address vulnerabilities and counter threats to transport infrastructure. By implementing projects such as  PANOPTIS, STAR-TRANS and CYSPA, CORTE is contributing to the development of innovative and data driven solutions that can improve identification of risks and protect transport infrastructure from a range of man-made as well as natural hazards.


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