Intelligent Transport Systems

The human error is a predominant factor in traffic accidents. Tiredness or lack of visibility affect the response time of drivers, therefore increasing the chances of an accident. Furthermore, traffic congestion increases travel times as well as operating costs and air pollution. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) proposes to solve these problems by connecting people, vehicles and infrastructure into a cooperative ecosystem, combining integrated traffic and transport management with new elements of data collection and system management. However, despite a significant technological progress in this field in the last years, a large-scale deployment has remained a challenge.

CORTE has developed expertise in the area of ITS and recently participated in project TIMON, which developed a cooperative, open, web-based platform and mobile application to deliver real-time information and services to all users of the transport ecosystem including  drivers, vulnerable road users, and businesses, by connecting them into a single cooperative ecosystem. The project specifically focused on identifying methods for facilitating large scale deployment of this solution.


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