EU Research Projects

Contribution to research is one of the core activities undertaken by CORTE. CORTE is regularly involved in a number of EU research projects implemented by consortia including universities, research institutes, industry and other technical partners.

Below is a list of the current and past projects to which CORTE contributed with its expertise:

  • HERON (Critical Infrastructure)
  • LeMO (Big Data)
  • PANOPTIS (Critical Infrastructure)
  • GECKO (New Mobility)
  • CYSPA (cybersecurity)
  • STAR TRANS (Critical Infrastructure)
  • TRACE (driving times)
  • SAFE-POST (supply chain security)
  • CLOSER (social regulation)
  • KNOW-IN (road transport managers)
  • LABEL (secure parkings)
  • SMART DIGITAC, IDT & MIDT (Digital tachograph)
  • GIROADS (GNSS in road sector)
  • TACOT (GNSS in transport)
  • VERONICA I & II (Road safety)



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EU Research Projects