Cabotage is the domestic transport of goods in a country by a haulier registered in another country. The rules on cabotage and access to the international road transport market for EU registered and other carriers are laid out in Regulation (EC) 1072/20091.

CORTE through it’s working group on Enforcement has been supporting the work of the European Commission in this area by assessing the proposed changes to the rules regulating cabotage operations in Regulation (EC) No 1072/2009, as well as the impact of changes proposed to Regulation 165/2014 and Directive 2006/1/EC on the enforcement of cabotage. CORTE’s assessment aims to evaluate the enforceability of the proposed changes using two main criteria: the clarity of the rules and accessibility of reliable evidence. CORTE welcomes the EU Commission’s proposals as an opportunity to improve the enforcement of cabotage operations and to support the deployment of smart enforcement operations.


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