Tachograph Card Issuing

Regulation (ECC) n°3821/85 as last amended requires National Authorities to issue tachograph cards. To apply this Regulation, each EU National Authority appoints a competent authority for issuing tachograph cards to entitled drivers as well as to approved workshops and fitters, companies, and control bodies. These authorities act in a coherent and secure way to assure the global effectiveness of the Regulations. Each National Authority must ensure that all necessary data is captured, stored and validated in order to produce smart tachograph cards and maintain the accuracy and security of the smart tachograph electronic record. Each National Authority implements its own systems to achieve this but the security requirements mean that there is communication between National Authorities issuing systems.

CORTE, with its membership composed of EU national transport authorities, supports the implementation of this regulation. The Cards working group of CORTE provides a platform for discussion and cooperation between the relevant authorities.


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