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Certsign S.R.L.

CertSIGN is a Romanian company specialized in developing information security software and services for the protection of information systems and also providing internationally recognized solutions dedicated for the implementation of digital tachograph national systems.UTi is an industry-leading, non-asset-based supply chain management company that delivers competitive advantage to its clients' supply chains. With innovative, integrated solutions configured to each client's specific requirements within any major vertical market, UTi designs, manages and services supply chains efficiently and cost-effectively.

CertSIGN is a UTI company and acts as a Certification Services Provider. The company'solutions are developed integrally in Romania. certSIGN produces software and hardware solutions meant to protect data by encryption and electronic signature mechanisms. The solutions developped by certSIGN have passed the NATO interoperability tests.

Founded in 2006, as a member of UTI Grup, certSIGN has developed the products, services and solutions it provides using its own staff and resources. Many of certSIGN’s products, services and solutions have been implemented in various large-scale projects.

One of certSIGN’s most important lines of business focuses on smart card-based projects. Over the years, certSIGN has implemented the full national digital tachograph cards issuing systems in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, while for Finland, Norway and Kazakhstan certSIGN implemented the national Certification Authorities for the tachograph cards issuing systems. Through its own card personalization center certSIGN is providing personalized digital tachograph cards to Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

certSIGN specialists participated as CORTE experts in various international workshops dedicated to the implementation of the digital tachograph cards issuing systems, organized in Ankara, Tbilisi, Almaty, Bucharest, etc.